I Got Your Post Card, Now What?

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Are you ready to sell your house?

If you are ready to sell your house, the next step is to call Amy.  Investors will ask a lot of questions to determine if they want to move forward with purchasing your home.  Give the investor a good idea of the condition of the house, what work has been done, how old the house is, and other helpful information.  The investor will then come out and take a look at your home.  She will have to determine all the necessary repairs.  It’s important to remember that investors need to find ways to improve the value of the home so they can sell it at market value.  You do not have to do any repairs!

The investor’s job

The investor’s job is to make the sale of your house as easy and understandable as possible.  The investor should clearly explain in detail about what will happen, being transparent every step of the way.  She understands that this is something a seller does not do very often.  There are many different situations that come up and if the investor cannot answer the questions, the local title company is usually very good at helping get all the issues taken care of.  There is an answer to every question and there is a way to make the sale happen. It might take a little extra time and patience but Amy Buys Houses will work with you.